After Midnight


Here it is guys! Sorry for the long wait! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

The pub was closing and the rowdy crowd leaving were making a commotion. Sitting outside in the beer garden Rae was starting to get increasingly nervous. She was playing with the note Finn had…

Wax Wings (part 1)


Ok, here’s the first part of my new fic (of probably 3 or 4)…this isn’t the most exciting thing plot-wise, but it’s basically just a massive set up for the rest of it. It’s set on the night of the fair (2x05) and ultimately it’s gonna be AU…but starting with just a standard Finn POV, which is what this bit is! I decided to make this a multi-part fic because it would have ended up being massive and would have taken me so long that I would have completely lost the plot…so hopefully posting this first bit will motivate me to get on with the rest!
Also…I’d had this idea for a while, but got the inspiration to write it through a song…Like They Used To – Joshua Radin ( I’ve used certain lines of it already as inspiration in this part and will do for the other parts as well. It’s from his album Wax Wings which is amaaaazing, and includes various other songs that also give me Rinn feels (particularly Cross That Line, Your Rainy Days and My My Love) so I massively recommend it :) I’ve got certain lines from every single other song on the album written down to help me write this as well. Anyway, I’m gonna sleep now cause it’s nearly 4am…hope you like this :)

Finn rifled slowly through his nearest box of records, unaware of what he was looking for. The minutes passed and still he came up short. Again. He sighed, frustrated with himself, and shoved the box roughly back onto the shelf. A few weeks ago it had been impossible to find Finn in his room without music playing, but recently, although he still routinely went straight to his collection on getting home from college, he never found anything he wanted to listen to. It was a far cry from when he used to pore lovingly over his records for hours, singling out songs to put on imaginary mix tapes for Rae. Now his afternoons had no soundtrack. Every day he would come up empty handed, with the now familiar deflated feeling in the pit of his stomach, and would spend another afternoon in the quiet of his bedroom.

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We’ve Got Tonight


A/N:i’m finally back off holiday so here’s a fanfic! Don’t forget to send in your prompts and leave me nice comments :)

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Emma’s Fanfic - Fancast!

Avan Jogia as Hot Mike?



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Luke Pasqualino as Hot Bryn?


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Brie Larson as Kelsey Seymour?




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B.K Cannon as Bethany?



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I am digging matt bomer as tom… Yum lol


SO - since you said I’d be super excited about this next part and it’s been a bit since the last ep was posted… I was hoping I could ask for a sneaky peek at the next part? I do love the previews and puzzling out what’s happening based on them. Hope you’re doing well!


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Destination 8/10


A/N: So it’s been a month since I’ve posted the last chapter. I’ve been busy lately but I really want to continue this and not leave it hanging. I really hope you all like it (and I hope this just all makes sense, tbh). Thank you for all the likes and reblogs of the previous chapters of this fanfic. 

Click here for Part 1-7. 

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Part 8 – Latching On To You

Finn was in his room playing the mixtape that reminds her of Rae. It’s so funny how even after three years, mixtapes were still their thing. It is a little bit old fashioned but it is one of the things that are special for them and Finn does not want to change that. As “To The End” plays in the background, he heard a knock on the door.

“Yeah?” Finn shouted through the loud music playing in his room.

“There’s a letter for you, son. It’s from Rae.” His  dad fanned the letter and grinned.

Finn stood up right away and smiled. “Dad, gimme that!”

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Victimas Del Dr. Cerebro 😍
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Julian Casablancas — PLAYED 1,175 TIMES